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We let our athletes speak for us.  Here is what they have to say:

    "With embarrassment, self-conscience, and fear slapping me in the face, I walked through the doors of Cf1776 on December 14, 2015. I remember it just as if it was yesterday! Everyone was so welcoming, caring, and loving to me, which I very much needed! That day it was a benchmark WOD. KAREN. Yeah I know right what am I thinking, 150 Wall Balls....

    It was my first day so I was told to just do half of Karen, (which I still think to this day Lori did this so she wouldn't scare me off! Ha!). So I did what I was told! Finally after what seemed like forever, I finished! For some odd reason I loved it! I told my mom that I think I might be interested in starting. So what happened..... I went right back that very next day!

    For 2 weeks solid I had to wobble around and cringe every time I had to get on a bus or climb stairs at school! All because of mean Karen! Little did I know that, that mean WO Karen set me to the point where I am today. Fast forwarding...

    This has definitely not been an easy year! Lots of sweat, blood, and tears have been left on that gym floor! Then again lots of PR's, New Max's and just about RXing every workout has been left! But, what I have learned over the year, is that you never quit pushing, never quit learning, and most of all, you never give up! This year I have managed to shrink 4 pants sizes, 3 shirt sizes, drop 45lbs, and gain a huge amount of self-confidence! All with the help of Lori, Jess, and most of all the entire CF1776 Family!     This would not have been possible without self-determination and the help of my Mom, which is the one who introduced me to crossfit! I am extremely thankful for her!

    Who would have thought 1 year later I would still be at CF1776 believing in myself and making my dreams a reality! No I am still not the Skinniest, Healthiest nor Fittest girl there is. I will tell you I AM, more Slimmer, Healthier and Fitter than that girl in 2015!"


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Lao Tzu

Zoe Bradley

     "I was afraid to join a Crossfit gym at first because I thought it was going to be a bunch of extremely fit Superhumans. But once I was convinced into going I met Lori. She is a phenomenal coach and kept me motivate through these past 4 months. Crossfit 1776 isn't just a gym you pay money and just go work out at, it is a family, my family away from home. All of the coaches make it their goal to make you a better YOU everyday. I enjoy working out now and the slight competition that comes with it (LORI!!) I came in weighing 276 pounds and was afraid I would only get bigger, however I lost 30 pounds. Crossfit has been a life changing experience for me not just in the fitness ways."

Desiree Kirkwood

     "So the first thing people think of when they hear the word 'Crossfit' is young, in shape, rock hard bodies, chiseled abs, big muscles, fast paced workout, and of course the words.... "I can't or won't do that".... Well my experience with this new workout activity is far from that. Of course you can get all those listed above if you stay dedicated to the program and not give up the first few weeks like I wanted to several times. Little by little you'll start seeing results.... So about Crossfit 1776, the coaches and all the people who attend 1776 are just amazing people. When you first walk through the door they're all strangers but before you know it, they become family. Everyone there will tell you that they're not perfect because we all have our flaws but when you're not feeling it or just feeling horrible about yourself, you can definitely count on these folks to bring that spirit back. I started in October of 2015 and already I've saw a lot people's transformation when they didn't think anything was happening to them. I can also see a change in myself too.... It doesn't matter if you're big, small, skinny, over weight, old, or young... Once you walk in the doors at 1776 you become one of us and everyone there doesn't see your size or your weight because you're bettering yourself and your lifestyle. So come see us, you'll be glad you did!!!!"

Chaise Phillips

     "Lori and the 1776 family have created an encourangng and judgement free work out zone. I was terrified to work out and put if off for years, but once I finally gave in and gave 1776 a shot I was hooked from day one.The coaches go above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable with the movements and workouts. They are there every step and are always willing to help in and out of the gym. The members are just as friendly, encouraging, and helpful. My 1776 family is my family away from home and have helped me fall in love with the process of getting fit."

TInia Harris

Kala and Jason Faircloth started crossfit in May 2016.  "After" photos were taken October 2016.