Crossfit 1776

How we started


Lori Jacobs, owner and head coach, started CrossFit 1776 as a passion to share living a healthy lifestyle with others.  When Lori moved to Troy, AL, there was not a CrossFit gym and she knew it was just what the fitness community needed.  It is the only CrossFit in Troy and has became one of Troy’s best kept secrets.  It’s nestled within an RV park off Swindall Road about 5 minutes from Troy University, downtown Troy and 231.  It’s the perfect place for ordinary people to meet and gather to become extraordinary!

Why Crossfit 1776?


Come by our Troy, Alabama facility for a free workout and decide for yourself why CrossFit 1776.  Our experienced staff are here to help you reach your fitness goals and will challenge you through group training to achieve your goals. Our facility offers many features not found at any other local gym.  Our equipment is all Rogue. We have a mobilization station where you will learn how and when to mobilize. Here, you will find a community of athletes working together to achieve their own personal goals under close supervision of an experienced coach. 


"Crossfit 1776 isn't just a gym you pay money and just go work out at, it is a family, my family away from home. All of the coaches make it their goal to make you a better YOU everyday."

-Desiree Kirkwood


"I was terrified to work out and put if off for years, but once I finally gave in and gave 1776 a shot I was hooked from day one.The coaches go above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable with the movements and workouts. They are there every step and are always willing to help in and out of the gym."

-Tina Harris


“I love Crossfit 1776 because from the very first time I walked through the door, they have pushed me to reach all my goals. They have believed in me even when I doubted myself. I have become stronger physically and mentally. I have made some of my best friends and gained a second family at 1776.”

-Lakin Turner